What’s Going On AliExpress?

If you haven’t noticed AliExpress has been on the fritz recently when looking for sex dolls. Well there’s a reason for that, and that reasons name is Apple! Yes, we’re talking about the big tech giant. The same one that makes one size fits all tech products with designer price tags–those guys. So what’s the deal? Well rumor has it AliExpress is trying to make it’s way in to Apple’s “Apple Store” and well apple does not like the fact that they openly allow adult products. It’s unclear what they are planing to achieve by massaging this relationship but one thing’s clear in this whole debacle, Apple is great at throwing their weight around.

What’s the big deal Amazon openly allows adult products? Actually on paper, they DON’T! If you take a look at Amazon’s terms of use, it requires all adult / sexually explicit products to be gated. What this means is that they put a big fence around it and close it off from their main search engine site wide. So they do allow you to list an item but good luck getting anyone to find it, LoL. One representative told us at New Feel that your listings are still crawled by search engines, so if some one searches for your product it can still show up there, hilarious right? In any event, don’t fret, we’ve spent many a day cataloging and posting sex doll detail directly to newfeeldolls.com so that no one can impose a sex doll firewall between you and this beloved¬†adult market place–your welcome!

Daniel Johnson
New Feel Dolls