AI Robot Finally Reveals Coding!

As you all probably know Sophia is created by Hanson Robotics and is probably the most popular exhibit of artificial intelligence due to her very early publicity. It’s been over two years now since her initial debut and sadly it doesn’t seem that were any closer to a consumer product. It’s beginning to feel more like one of those lame-ass Kickstarter campaigns that never delivers.

In any event, a recent posting by Hanson robotics reveals some minor details about her coding background. Everyone has been asking this question since our Inception. However Hanson robotics has been completely tight-lipped with any hint as to whether or not her responses where genuine may I or pre-programmed. About halfway through the video link below, you’ll notice they give away a couple small details. She is in fact loaded with pre-programmed responses. This is exactly the deception I imagine was going on. They have been leading us to believe for years now that Sophia was capable of genuine AI. Well there is a small amount of AI at play it’s definitely no more then the competition. Arguably so I think she’s probably even further behind than Siri. You be the judge, take a look.