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Makers & Materials Note

First, in the section you’ll find a variety of sex dolls from all the major players in the industry. Some factories use silicone and some factories use tpe. You can find more about the materials and their specific properties in our Q&A section. Secondly, an additional thing to note is that we only feature factories and brands that create original designs. For that reason, please be aware many resellers use the same photographs but will sell you knock-off product. Hence, there are dozens possibly even hundreds of factories that simply copy the dolls created by original factories like Wan Mei & Sino. Skip to the bottom to continue reading more on these topics.

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Not all TPE is created equal!

In fact, the small factory danger lies in their lack of experience formulating TPE. Consequently, big factory TPE is an advanced mixture that has typically been calibrated by over a decade of developing sex dolls in order to produce durable material results. Therefore, these formulations become coveted secrets protected by the factories chemical engineer’s. Sex dolls on the other end of the spectrum, like silicone, are a bit different. So, the easier tip here is that many silicone makers do not produce their own silicone. They use brand name or rely on reputations from such makers as smooth-on to provide them with a durable long-lasting elasticity. Which in turn makes for some very life-like sex dolls.

International Sex Doll Liaison

New Feel Dolls is your connection to the makers and shakers of the sex dolls industry. Here you will find all the information you need to make an informed decision on your next purchase. New Feel Dolls specializes in the distribution of tpe and silicone sex dolls to all corners of the globe. From the smallest design workshops to the largest factory titans, we got it. Above all, every designer, manufacturer, and brand featured on our site has been thoroughly screened and tested to meet the high standards of the doll community. We only feature products with original design modeling. Most noteworthy, that means we prohibit the unauthorized reproduction or resale of sex dolls belonging to another company.

Need More Sex Dolls?

With new factories popping up weekly we are always screening for qualified candidates to toss in the mix. While not all factories qualify for resale, we are now opening the doors to sex dolls which did not make the cut for either quality or procedural practices but still feature original designs. Lastly, we will include Factory / designer information as well as a community rating for all sex dolls.