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Sex dolls are extremely fun sex toys. They are meticulously designed to be soft and offer similar experiences like a real woman; sex with dolls is synonymous with spending erotic time with a supermodel. And often time, sex with them feels much better because they don’t experience fatigue, emotional cramping, and can offer sex any day of the week.

Being around people especially those we have special feelings for, physically and emotionally, feels incredible. But sometimes, our immediate condition and personal issues make it almost impossible to find intimacy without added emotion stress.

Sex dolls offer more than the name implies, apart from the satisfactory sex experience, they make a great companion, helping us to satisfy those wishes without the cumbersome task of socializing.

Thousands of guys who are in a relationship still derive more pleasure and happiness in the companion of their sex doll instead of a real partner because there is no chance or scenario that can lead to disease, trauma, or emotional stress with dolls.

Sex dolls are a great companion but not all sex dolls are created equal and capable of offering your particular style of satisfaction. Sex dolls come in a variety of shapes and sizes, it’s important to get a doll manufactured by a reputable company with quality materials that will last for years to come. 

Most Realistic Sex Dolls

Realistic Sex Dolls are human look-alikes that have the same features as female humans, 5 to 6 feet tall and elegant.

This current trend of technology is largely for men that want to enjoy the companionship found in relationships without the commitment and emotional attachment that comes with it. They probably want a relationship just on the physical level. 

Realistic Sex dolls allow these men to explore and live their fantasies without being judged by society as sexual perverts, emotional and social deviants, adulterers or men with no moral standards. 

Compared with any other sexual activity that could satisfy the wild and adventurous desires of men who want to experience sexual gratification in diverse ways, realistic sex dolls seem to be the next best thing. 

Realistic Sex Dolls are known for their amazing bodies, extremely detailed design from head to toe, and several distinguishing features. With the full human body size, a realistic size doll will leave you with an unimaginable sexual experience. They are not just for sexual gratification but are also for love, art, photography, and physical companionship. 

Why Should You Purchase One?

Several are the benefits of realistic love dolls, below are a few:

Real Human-Liked Partner Experience

Realistic sex dolls are like supermodels, looking from afar, it may be hard to tell the difference. They are made of silicone or TPE material which gives them an extra-soft skin that makes them similar to a real human.

Maximum Sex Realism

Any position is possible with a realistic sex doll; the body is supported by a flexible skeleton which makes it easy to be posed into any position.

Safe to Use

Nothing is safer than a realistic sex doll when it comes to fulfilling sexual desires. You cannot guarantee that your partner is faithful when it comes to sex but you can guarantee that your sex doll is faithful and always at your service. With a sex doll, you are certain that you are not at risk of contracting STDs.

Sex On Demand

No complaint, no consideration, you can have sex whenever you want. This is one of the biggest differences between real sex dolls and a real human. Having sex with a person requires the concession of the two parties but having sex with your doll is all at your wish.  

Helps to Maintain Marriage

Being faithful to a single partner in a marriage may be difficult to achieve especially when the sexual desire level of the couple is different. Also, the chance of getting boring having sex with a single person is not impossible. Rather than fulfilling the fantasy by cheating, a real sex doll may be all you need.

Do you want the most human-like experience from your sex doll? Realistic Sex dolls are your best option.

Silicone Sex Dolls

Considering deriving satisfaction through sex, there are a few ways in which we can simulate sex that are far more amazing with a lifelike sex doll. Sex dolls are a great alternative to sex with a real human and they are available in different sizes with a variety of features, such as the sizes of the body parts, bust, height, and many more. However, these dolls are made with different materials depending on the goals of the individuals and each material will result in a different experience. 

There are various materials used in the construction of sex dolls such as fabric, TPR, TPE, but the most durable material in the market is silicone sex dolls.

Silicone is a soft rubber-like polymer, highly resistant to heat, great in terms of flexibility quality, and most importantly, admired for its high resistance to microbial growth due to its non-porous nature. Silicone is common in the production of many real toys and love dolls are no exception. It’s flexibility to be molded into many shapes without heavy equipment, as well as ability to retain great detail gave silicone dolls an edge in the sex dolls manufacturing industry. 

Most Silicon Sex Dolls are supported by an entire metal skeleton which makes them more realistic and remarkable in satisfying the needs and erotic desires of the many lonely men and bachelors.

Apart from a highly natural, convincing appearance, there are several benefits of purchasing sex dolls made from silicone, they include:

Better Sex Performance

For men having sex issues with a human partner, silicone sex dolls can help you in improving your performance. Making a silicone sex doll your partner can help you improve your techniques on the bed. While your partner can complain in your process of practicing the right way to thrust, breathe, and pace, a silicone sex doll will always be at your service, submissive to you every time. With a silicone sex doll, you can find a lasting solution to your problems before returning to your real-life partner.

Orgasm/Ejaculation Control

A silicone sex doll will make your lovemaking capability to improve. With the softness of the silicon material, your sensitivity can be calmed down, helping you to control a premature ejaculation and orgasms type of problem.

Sexual Drive of Partners Get Balanced

Nothing breaks relationship than difference is the level of libido. When your sexual libido exceeded that of your partner and you intend to maintain your relationship, a silicone sex doll can satisfy your erotic desire without having to resort to infidelity. If your partner is not in the mood or is not capable of satisfying you, your doll can fulfill your desires and fantasies without creating any havoc in your relationship.

Realistic Artificial Intelligence Sex Doll

Artificial intelligence is changing the structure of many things in the lives of the current generation, it’s not surprising that robots are now capable of performing a variety of tasks and most importantly better than human workers. Artificial intelligence will soon be making a big splash in the sex dolls manufacturing industry.

In the quest for maximum satisfaction, to those who know the benefits and vital roles played by sex dolls in society, manufacturers are now including artificial intelligence to make their experience more enhanced. Artificial intelligence Sex dolls are being used for almost everything from blow jobs, companionship, to full-blown intercourse.

It is considerably better for men and women to engage in sex with sex dolls that can as well play the role of a real partner through the artificial intelligence features over prostitutes because sexually transmitted diseases are a threat. Although studies have shown that men are willing to pay for sex to satisfy their fantasy; nevertheless, considering the threat associated with the dangerous underworld of illegal prostitution, Artificial Intelligence sex dolls could be the best choice.   

What A Realistic Artificial Intelligence Sex Doll Can Do for You

Artificial intelligence sex dolls are much more than sex dolls; they provide companionship for those who don’t have it or can’t find it in their real human partner. Relationships with humans can be complicated but artificial intelligence sex dolls can offer uncomplicated companionship and sexual relief to a cross-section of society. They are perfect tools to help couples manage long-distance relationships as well as serve as a companion for elders who have lost their partners or are residing in a care facility.

Programmable artificial intelligence sex dolls with customizable skin, hair, body figure, voice, realistic vagina, capable of moving heads, blinking eyes, and artificial intelligence speech that allow sex dolls to appear as thinking, sharing the moment with you, remembering details about you, and sensitive to touch. Some even capable of gyrating their hips autonomously and, most importantly with the personality of your choice! This is the real deal that gets anyone closer to true life sex.

These sex dolls are different from other sex toys because they can do all the work while you sit back and relax.

Artificial Intelligence Sex Doll Similar to Real Human

Moan sounds to speed up your climax and other human-like sounds makes sex with artificial intelligence sex dolls more real, prerecorded grunts and moans from artificial intelligence sex dolls allow greater sexual experiences.

Artificial intelligence sex dolls can sauce up your sex experience by performing automated positioning and displaying satisfaction by orgasm during sex. What more can you ask for! If not a human-like sex experience.

Artificial Intelligence Sex Dolls are the most perfect way to save marriages, as having sex with them reduces infidelity in marriage. Rape and other related sex related crimes can also be reduced in society as artificial intelligence sex dolls offer real like sex and satisfaction.

Blow Up Sex Dolls

Are you missing the sexual satisfaction you crave? Have you ever imagined if sex dolls can offer satisfaction close to what a real woman can offer? Do you imagine having mind-blowing multiple sexual orgasms? 

A lot of men are in this state of yours, curious about many things but all still falls on finding the sexual experiences they crave for. Pornography should not define how sex should be or feel, rather your body should do so. With the rapid growth in technology, sex dolls are the answers to all curiosity and imagination when it comes to enjoying satisfactory sex life.

The incapability of partner, individual difference, nature of work and other things that can still be narrow down to sex has broken many relationships and marriages. It’s time to do the needful and restore intimacy to your faded relationships. Inflatable sex doll is all you need to bring back the spark in your faded relationship and enjoy your sexual fantasies. 

Blow up sex dolls are life-size sex models with loving pose capable of tempting every man sensation. 3 tempting entries, make blow-up sex dolls more ideal for men who desire the real experience.  With inflatable dolls, you will enjoy:

The Real Pleasure of Sex

Blow up sex doll can be a great friend for lonely nights. Whatever you can get from a real woman, the inflatable doll can offer something similar. You can decide to mount her from behind or enjoy the old fashioned style through the amazing vagina.

Blow Jobs On Demand

Sometimes, a woman’s mood determines her sexual reaction, in some cases, some women considered blow jobs as something unethical and disgusting but your blow-up sex doll will always be at your service, to satisfy you without any complaint. This alone can allow you to enjoy what you desire without infidelity.

Zero Risks of Diseases

If you are the only user of your doll, you are 100% safe from any risk of diseases.

To crown it all, unlike other sex dolls, blow-up dolls come at a very ridiculous price but the satisfaction they offer is beyond the price. When not inflated, blow-up sex dolls are relatively small in size, light in weight and can be carried without stress.

Silicone Love Dolls

A love doll is no different from other sex toys but comes with human-like features. With love dolls, a chance of having various sexual experiences very close to the one you have with a woman is certain. They have amazing features such as mouth, anus, vagina, and breasts that are almost real; thanks to the silicone material.  These life-size dolls add spice to your sexual life and help you enjoy sex and other sexual acts at its peak. 

Silicone Love Dolls Offer Variety

Silicone Love Dolls exist in a wide range of styles with each offering a variety of interactions and pleasures. Love dolls can be life-size or certain parts of the body depending on your choice. Different textures, real pussy, supple nipples, breast size of your choice all exist on one doll. They are built with a flexible skeleton system that allows various ranges of motion that let you put them in all your desired positions.

Practicing Your Sexual Technique

Sex dolls are great but they should not take the position of a real woman. Instead, they should help you to improve on your performance with real women, help you overcome any difficulties with a real woman, and help you fulfill your greatest fantasies that are hard to fulfill with your real partner. 

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