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In this section you will find useful care and maintenance related tip outlining proper procedures for cleaning, preparing for storage, and moving around your love doll. Love dolls are not a small investment so please take your time to fully read through and understand each topic. With proper care your new love doll can last for many years.

Materials, Use, and Cleaning

Stay continually lubricated! This is most important to ensure that your new product last as long as possible. During use be sure to continually check the status of lubrication. Unlike a live woman, love dolls can not tell you when they are feeling dry. So, with that in mind, lube lube lube! And, as with most flesh like toys, only use water-based lubricants.

New Feel Sex Dolls products are made from thermoplastic elastomers, a porous material. Due to the nature of this material, love dolls should not be shared between sexual partners. To avoid the transmission of sexual diseases New Feel Doll advises the use of female condoms paired with water-based lubricants whenever engaging in sexual activities with TPE adult toy products.

Keep it clean! The inner areas of the vaginal, oral, and anal canals need to be washed and dried immediately after use to avoid bacterial growth. Oral, vaginal, and anal cavities will not adequately dry in open air. For this process we recommend the following:

Rise using moderately warm water
Lather using gentle antibacterial soap
Rinse and repeat 2-3 times
Dry external areas using blotting technique only
Dry internal cavities using supplied forceps paired with narrow paper towel squares (See video)
With forceps inserted, gently apply pressure to abdomen/buttock
Change out moist paper towel and repeat process until no moisture is collected

Lifting / Impressions

Here are a few precautions we recommend you take when lifting or moving your New Feel Doll. Always lift your love doll with two arms underneath the love doll body with even pressure. Do not slide or drag your love doll. Even on a soft or smooth surface this can lead to minor abrasions. Avoid doing this at all times. Be aware that the love doll’s surface is delicate like human skin. If you are unable to safely dead-lift the weight of your love doll, please use an approved New Feel Doll lifting device available from our website.

Watch out for impressions! Impressions can happen any time the skin has pressure against it for more than a few minutes. In most cases impressions can be reversed with a gentle 5 minute body oil massage twice a day. Depending on the depth and duration of the exposed impression, this process can take anywhere from 2-5 days to clear up. Be sure to always use plenty of body oil during the massage to avoid friction. And when the massage is complete, always wash oil exposed area thoroughly.

For deeper impressions you might want to try water therapy. Hot-to-touch water can be used in rotation with a soapy lathered gentle massage. Turn the heat up but not so high that it will burn human skin, as most of the same delicacies apply (usually below 110F). Next, use shower head attachment to wet/warm the impressed area for 2-3 minutes. Then, lather up the heated area and massage for another 2-3 minutes. Repeat this cycle a needed.

Range of Motion / Storage

Skeletal movement and flexibility is and always will be a delicate component with love dolls. Please keep this in mind anytime you store or use your Signature Petites love doll. Signature Petites dolls should always be stored in the molds default position. Arms, legs, torso should be positioned straight with limbs hanging down or to the side of the body. Avoid any bends or folds in the skin while storing as they can form permanent creases over time. Avoid lying the love doll with any type of uneven pressure across the body in times of storage. we recommend storing your love doll in hanging position from a qualified device, or lying horizontal on a very soft surface such as a comfortable bed.

Do not over extend limbs or place excessive pressure against the skeletons natural movement range. Any motion or flexibility outside of the natural scope may be possibly result in damage over time. It is best practice to stick with the flexibility range of an average female human. Do not force a limb for any reason at any time. If you feel moderate resistance when positioning the limb in a natural position, try approaching the position from a different pattern of movement. For example, when putting on a blouse, the arms need to be raised and positioned close together with arm straight and elbows in. You can achieve this by starting in default position then rotating the arms forward until they are vertical. Or, you can start in the same default position then rotate the limb outward until you reach a vertical position. Both movements achieve the goal but one method put significantly less stress on the skin and skeletal structure. Can you guess which one? It’s the outward rotation. take a look at the armpit area after performing the forward to vertical rotation. You will notice the skin on the surface of the arm pit looking a bit twisted or deformed. This is the kind of situation you want to avoid in order to prolong the life of your love doll.

Joints will loosen over time. This is inevitable with any love doll on the market. The more movement they endure, the shorter the life the joint will have. With average adjustment your love dolls joints should last many years. However, for the above average user this time can be significantly reduced. If you find that your joints are becoming loose and are interested in our joint tightening procedure please contact our sales department for more information.

Cautions & Warnings

Heat dangers!
Do NOT expose your love dolls skin to temperatures above 115 degrees. TPE is a heat sensitive product and doing so may result in permanent scaring or other damage.

What is safe to use on skin?
There are more unknown agents that can harm TPE dolls skin than safe ones that we know of. Having said that, the safes practice is to stick with the known safe agents that we recommend for cleaning and standard maintenance. The following suggestions have been tested and are safe to use on your love doll.

  • Talcum powder
  • Anti-bacterial liquid soap
  • Water
  • Water-based lubrication
  • Microfiber cloth

Please understand that any deviation from this list is at your own risk–enjoy!

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