Sex Doll Affiliate Program

Sex dolls are one of the most lucrative products of the adult industry. Since 2013 the industry has been rocketing forward with staggering numbers. Before we say too much about the beauty and simplicity of beautiful sex dolls, let us tell you why you should choose us in the first place.

New feel dolls has been around since 2012. We’ve been around long enough to know what works and what doesn’t work. We’ve been at the Forefront of many large changes within the sex doll industry so we I know exactly what our customers are looking for. As an affiliate you are being backed by a company that provides complete A to Z support throughout the lifetime of the product. We do all the heavy lifting so all you have to focus on is driving traffic. Next, we’re the only company that doesn’t hide products behind false brands. Rebranding has led two industry-wide chaos and confusion for the customers. Essentially making it impossible to tell whether they are getting a quality product from a reputable maker or just a knock off that’s going to fall apart in a few weeks. We not only properly represent the industry’s brands but we allow anyone with original designs to list their products for free on our site making it one of the biggest doll collections on the web.

A side product of that open door is that it helps create transparency and eliminate dirty factories. That way, you can rest assure our customers purchase with confidence. To date we have maintained customer satisfaction with ease. Lastly, all of your hard work is clearly recorded in your dashboard. Everything you need to know from referred clicks to pending payments, all in one place. As if that wasn’t enough, you’ll be happy to know we have the highest pay out of any vendor, period!

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Oh yeah and the best part about sex dolls is they literally sell themselves. Absolutely no sales department needed. Get your link, share your link, get paid! It’s that easy!