What is the difference between TPE / TPR and Silicone?

Questions & Answers | FAQCategory: QuestionsWhat is the difference between TPE / TPR and Silicone?
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Without getting too technical, the basic differences are as follows. TPE / TPR is made from significantly different properties than Platinum Silicone in feel, smell, and sensitivity to heat. TPE / TPR melt, deforms, and or may experience surface damage under extreme heat. A perfect example would be a hot car on a sunny day. That will definitely cause some impressions on the skin. Silicone however does not have these flaws. When it comes to feel, TPE / TPR feels something like a jelly stress ball where silicone is typically a bit stiffer. But, it doesn’t have to be. Cheap silicone makers don’t go the extra mile to utilize the latest advancements in silicone elasticity. Meanwhile some high-end makers inject softer formulas in the breast and stomach areas for example. Lastly, it has become a standard of the industry to refer to Silicone dolls as “love dolls” and TPE / TPR dolls as “sex dolls” due to their pricing differences.