My Doll

My Doll is a new comer from the Guangzhou province in China. So far we have many great things to say about them. First of all they meet our criteria as a brand maker because they have exclusive designs. At New Feel we review many new factories each month that dont make the cut due to some lack of professionalism or legality clause. However, My Doll has taken things to the next level. With large innovations in our 3 prime areas of interest, we expect their reach to grow rapidly.

First up is packing, they are the first to have a complete custom Styrofoam mold made for their models. This is a MUCH needed improvement that other factories refuse to take on. Now for the first time we can rest assured of your dolls safe arrival no matter how brutal the shipping company is with your package. Second is smell, the biggest factor in user enjoyment, no other factory has managed to break new grounds in this area hence our disclaimer regarding TPE smell. Though there is no such thing as odorless TPE, My Doll has separated themselves from the pack with their new formula. It is not only the most mild in strength, but the most pleasant in terms of aroma. Due to this, we will soon be posting a smell meter for each factory / brand. Last but not least, price. You’d think that after nailing the expensive molded foam packing and curing the harsh odor curve these guys would be looking to hike up the price, however you’d be dead wrong. They have make their operations so extremely efficient that they were able to do just the opposite. They broke exclusive design market with small factory pricing. So that’s it. We hope you enjoy their constantly growing selection. Enjoy!

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