Catalog ID Chart Breakdown

Yes, there is a system! We try to be as organized as possible with our inventory at New Feel. It’s of the utmost importance that we provide transparency to each and every customer. To aid this process we made a chart to help you understand the model numbers and their associations.

Brands all use a 2 letter identifier. Next we have body size with in that specific brand followed by approximated breast cup-size. After that is an optional parameter that designates body shape for those brands with two distinct bodies of the same height. Then we have the head identifier which reduces all names to a 3 digit number. Lastly, we have skin color and photo set. Some models have many photo sets which can give them contrasting styles. With hair and makeup applied, it can occasionally make it hard to be sure if you are looking to the same model. So we try to offer every available artistic demonstration available for any specific model.

If you would like to contribute or claim any of the works displayed on our site please contact us directly.

UPDATED 12-30-16