Meet California Sex Doll Makers

Los Angeles California

Where better to buy a sex doll than the sunny beaches of California? When it comes to silicone dolls Southern California in particular seems to be the Mecca for sex doll enthusiasts. Whether you have an unlimited budget or are looking for something more affordable, I’ll try to lay out your best options A to Z. Going into this the immediate information you need to know is that the affordable dolls do not have local manufacturers. Those dolls are going to be made of tpe, a stretchy type of fleshy elastomer. Tpe dolls typically range from $1,200 to $2,200. They do not store well for long periods so you won’t find these dolls in a warehouse locally housed. However if you’re willing to Shell out a little more dough to the tune of $5,500 +, here’s what you got.

 San Diego California

First, we have the ever-popular RealDoll by Abyss creations. They’re located in San Diego California and have a showroom to show off their luscious ladies. You can expect models to be in the upper 6k to 10K range for a standard doll without their AI package. These are dolls are going to made from high grade silicone with softer tissue where it counts. Then you’re going to see some of the highest quality frame design and realistic joint positioning out of any maker in the market. Next you can expect highly detailed best skin to highlight the natural complexion you find in us humans. The last and most important detail of this california-based sex doll creator is that every design is made exactly the way you want it. Every sex doll is made to order from scratch. Having said that, it does take a bit more time banned import models. I know, funny thing you think that local makers would have them beat but the truth is they’re not even close. Most importers can deliver a sex doll to your doorstep in less than 10 days.

Next on our list of california-based sex doll makers is the less infamous Sinthetics. With just as much detail and quality going into their production you can expect high quality materials and Design from these guys every time. They’re located in Los Angeles California and are one of the top male sex doll producers. Synthetics steps outside the box where others don’t. Surprisingly they sell more than just sex dolls. They also carry an assortment original designs such as the vagina foot! Yeah, you heard me correct.

Mission Beach, San Diego, California

Last on the list is and International maker that goes by the name of 4woods hailing from San Diego California. Just like the last two these dolls are made of 100% silicone and feature more realistic sculpting than there tpe competitors. While at first glance they appear every bit impressive as the two for mentioned california-based homegrown makers, but when you take a closer look the difference becomes quite clear. 4woods in San Diego California features primarily Asian looking sex dolls. While I personally feel the designs are quite voluptuous and possess the kind of symmetry in Beauty you only see with high-end makers, they did fall short on one point in particular. I’m talking about the paint job. While it’s possible, it’s not done to every sex doll unless you submit a special request of sorts. As far as California sex doll makers go oh, they are all pretty amazing. However, 4woods is going to Mark the most affordable local sex doll weighing in at about $5,500.