First Sex Doll Brothel in US!

That’s right a private company decided to try and open an official sex doll brothel in Houston Texas. The company’s plans were to sell sex dolls alongside the rental of sex dolls for use in in house private rooms. Apparently the city council acted quickly placing a band on such businesses.

The specific ban wasn’t on the sex dolls per say but on the lewd act of asexual nature being performed in a public space. They did not ban the store from selling dolls nor does it appear there is any ban on renting them.

If we were to introduce the new sex doll retail location in a city where no such store ever exist, this would be the perfect ploy to achieve that I distracting City Council with the distraction of a much more disruptive brothel. I’m not saying it was their goal to only have a sex doll store to begin with but if it was it would have been a rather ingenious plan.

In any event it’s nice to see any company making Headway in the sex doll industry with regards to the US. With all the attention surrounding this false prophet of sex robots, tighter restrictions are bound to follow.