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Sex dolls are one of the most lucrative products of the adult industry. Since 2013 the industry has been rocketing forward with staggering numbers. Before we say too much about the beauty and simplicity of beautiful sex dolls, let us tell you why you should choose us in the first place.

New feel dolls has been around since 2012. We’ve been around long enough to know what works and what doesn’t work. We’ve been at the Forefront of many large changes within the sex doll industry so we I know exactly what our customers are looking for. As an affiliate you are being backed by a company that provides complete A to Z support throughout the lifetime of the product. We do all the heavy lifting so all you have to focus on is driving traffic. Next, we’re the only company that doesn’t hide products behind false brands. Rebranding has led two industry-wide chaos and confusion for the customers. Essentially making it impossible to tell whether they are getting a quality product from a reputable maker or just a knock off that’s going to fall apart in a few weeks. We not only properly represent the industry’s brands but we allow anyone with original designs to list their products for free on our site making it one of the biggest doll collections on the web.

A side product of that open door is that it helps create transparency and eliminate dirty factories. That way, you can rest assure our customers purchase with confidence. To date we have maintained customer satisfaction with ease. Lastly, all of your hard work is clearly recorded in your dashboard. Everything you need to know from referred clicks to pending payments, all in one place. As if that wasn’t enough, you’ll be happy to know we have the highest pay out of any vendor, period!

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Oh yeah and the best part about sex dolls is they literally sell themselves. Absolutely no sales department needed. Get your link, share your link, get paid! It’s that easy!

Meet California Sex Doll Makers

Los Angeles California

Where better to buy a sex doll than the sunny beaches of California? When it comes to silicone dolls Southern California in particular seems to be the Mecca for sex doll enthusiasts. Whether you have an unlimited budget or are looking for something more affordable, I’ll try to lay out your best options A to Z. Going into this the immediate information you need to know is that the affordable dolls do not have local manufacturers. Those dolls are going to be made of tpe, a stretchy type of fleshy elastomer. Tpe dolls typically range from $1,200 to $2,200. They do not store well for long periods so you won’t find these dolls in a warehouse locally housed. However if you’re willing to Shell out a little more dough to the tune of $5,500 +, here’s what you got.

 San Diego California

First, we have the ever-popular RealDoll by Abyss creations. They’re located in San Diego California and have a showroom to show off their luscious ladies. You can expect models to be in the upper 6k to 10K range for a standard doll without their AI package. These are dolls are going to made from high grade silicone with softer tissue where it counts. Then you’re going to see some of the highest quality frame design and realistic joint positioning out of any maker in the market. Next you can expect highly detailed best skin to highlight the natural complexion you find in us humans. The last and most important detail of this california-based sex doll creator is that every design is made exactly the way you want it. Every sex doll is made to order from scratch. Having said that, it does take a bit more time banned import models. I know, funny thing you think that local makers would have them beat but the truth is they’re not even close. Most importers can deliver a sex doll to your doorstep in less than 10 days.

Next on our list of california-based sex doll makers is the less infamous Sinthetics. With just as much detail and quality going into their production you can expect high quality materials and Design from these guys every time. They’re located in Los Angeles California and are one of the top male sex doll producers. Synthetics steps outside the box where others don’t. Surprisingly they sell more than just sex dolls. They also carry an assortment original designs such as the vagina foot! Yeah, you heard me correct.

Mission Beach, San Diego, California

Last on the list is and International maker that goes by the name of 4woods hailing from San Diego California. Just like the last two these dolls are made of 100% silicone and feature more realistic sculpting than there tpe competitors. While at first glance they appear every bit impressive as the two for mentioned california-based homegrown makers, but when you take a closer look the difference becomes quite clear. 4woods in San Diego California features primarily Asian looking sex dolls. While I personally feel the designs are quite voluptuous and possess the kind of symmetry in Beauty you only see with high-end makers, they did fall short on one point in particular. I’m talking about the paint job. While it’s possible, it’s not done to every sex doll unless you submit a special request of sorts. As far as California sex doll makers go oh, they are all pretty amazing. However, 4woods is going to Mark the most affordable local sex doll weighing in at about $5,500.

How to Clean a Sex Doll

There are many ways to clean a sex doll. Some of which are cumbersome or involve moving the doll entirely too the bathtub just to get the job done. When I found a new feel sex dolls almost 4 years ago, the goal was simple. Make purchasing and owning a sex doll a hassle free endeavor.

We set out to build a website that not only feature every maker and every manufacturer but also provided an anonymous platform to get all those uncomfortable questions answered. The purchasing process was by far the most cumbersome phase of sex doll ownership, and now 4 years later we helped pave the way by creating transparency in the marketplace and giving customers a real voice.

So you did it, you finally decided what doll to get. It arrives in the mail and you are super excited to unbox what is most likely the sexiest toy you’ve ever purchase. You like her out of the box to the bed and like our caveman ancestors you instinctually ravish her every inch of Flesh. With all those hormones rushing through your veins there’s no doubt you’re going to skip reading the owner’s manual.

And there you are, standing over your new doll in the all-too-familiar post-sex euphoria and you now realize to ask yourself how do I clean this thing? Well, yes you should have plan ahead but hey sex dolls are crazy awesome and this happens to every new sex doll owner. So here’s a quick rundown of what you need to get the job done with as little hassle as possible. Cuz as you probably already researched the biggest hassle most people complain about doll ownership is the cleanup. But don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. With a pair of forceps, a little soapy water and some dry paper towels, she will be all cleaned up in just a couple minutes.

Here’s and updated step by step to Aid the sex doll cleaning video.

First, after you’ve made your deposit, lean her back flooring up so that her cavity will not spill. Spread her legs just enough so the vaginal cavity remains open. Take a spray bottle full of water and give it about 2 to 3 squirts. The purpose of this is simply too dilute the sperm making it less viscous in preparation for the next step.

Next, fold up about a half sheet of a paper towel into a tight small square proximately 1 inch by 1 inch. Clamp the paper towel into the tip of the forceps ensuring that there is plenty of material sticking past the end of the forceps. Now go ahead and slide it in slowly until you reach the complete death of the vaginal cavity. Slosh around the water and sperm with short gentle Strokes approximately 2 or 3 in in stride. Repeat this approximately 10 times then remove and trash you’re soaked wad.

Third, prep another dry paper towel at the tip of your forceps just like before. Slide this into the vaginal cavity nice and easy making sure to reach full depth. Remove and visually inspect the wad. It should be nearly dry as the first one should have absorbed 95% of the moisture. If for some reason it is heavily saturated, discard the wad and repeat the process until it is mostly dry. Now you are ready to rinse.

Fourth, prep another dry paper towel at the tip of your forceps just like before. Adjust your spray bottle nozzle so it squirts a heavy stream. Spray about 6 to 10 squirts into the vaginal cavity or until you hear the tone of the cavity change indicating the water level is nearing full. Use your swab again too wash the inside of the sex doll vaginal cavity in a stroking motion. You sure to rub down all of the walls inside the cavity during this process. Once you have completed that process dispose of your soaked paper towel wad and repeat the process with a dry wad until all the moisture is gone. Typically this only takes about one or two more Cycles.

Finally you are done. Once you get the hang of this it should take less than 2 minutes. All you need to do now is insert a dry finger into the cavity and feel around for any moisture. If the cavity is fully dry then you have successfully cleaned your sex dolls vagina. Be sure to leave the doll in this position for at least 1 hour before closing the legs for storage.

AI Robot Finally Reveals Coding!

As you all probably know Sophia is created by Hanson Robotics and is probably the most popular exhibit of artificial intelligence due to her very early publicity. It’s been over two years now since her initial debut and sadly it doesn’t seem that were any closer to a consumer product. It’s beginning to feel more like one of those lame-ass Kickstarter campaigns that never delivers.

In any event, a recent posting by Hanson robotics reveals some minor details about her coding background. Everyone has been asking this question since our Inception. However Hanson robotics has been completely tight-lipped with any hint as to whether or not her responses where genuine may I or pre-programmed. About halfway through the video link below, you’ll notice they give away a couple small details. She is in fact loaded with pre-programmed responses. This is exactly the deception I imagine was going on. They have been leading us to believe for years now that Sophia was capable of genuine AI. Well there is a small amount of AI at play it’s definitely no more then the competition. Arguably so I think she’s probably even further behind than Siri. You be the judge, take a look.

Will President Trump Ban Sex Dolls?

Recently there has been a lot of talk about regulating sex dolls or rather sex robots in the USA. President Trump had proposed to place a band on sex dolls being imported to the US. However, after some refinement the bill was modified to specifically Target child-like sex doll designs.

Curbing Realistic Exploitative Electronic Pedophilic Robots (Creeper) Act, passed by a voice vote on Wednesday. It now heads to the Senate for further consideration. I’m skeptical weather this can and will pass considering it is a breach of our first amendment rights. However the bigger concern is how they are going to Define the classification of child-like in design.

U.s. Customs has provided plenty of frustration to the importing experience throughout the years. An example of how the definition May completely skew the market would be to look at its current state. If you want to import a doll shorter than 5 feet you better be certain it has a d cup breast because apparently that’s all it takes to be an adult.

Setting aside how horrifically objectifying that is, it completely overlooks the actual anatomical changes consistent with post pubescent adults. There are literally dozens of easy to spot elements that are congruent through any race or body type that significantly indicate full maturity. Just to mention a few in order to put a point across we have breast height, labia development, hip and torso shape, Etc.

The point I’m trying to make it is it if we’re going to represent the female figure we should not be restricted to such ridiculous stereotypes which indicate the requirement of large breasts. After all Asia is one of the largest countries in the world arguably with absolutely beautiful women and the average cup size in that part of the world is somewhere between an A cup and a b cup. The u.s. is said to have a d cup average, but that is clearly skewed by the fact that we are also the most obese country in the world. We have many women with breast so high up in the alphabet it makes up half of their torso. Is this beauty? Maybe to some, but to those who are attracted to more realistic figure shouldn’t be restricted to a d cup or larger.

Only time will tell how this plays out. Personally I hope the measure entirely does not pass. If it does it will only add fuel to our pedo-phobic culture. The problem with that currently is that in this land of freedom we actually criminalize the simple thought of prepubescent attraction. So much so that you can’t even begin to seek help if you did so choose to. Doing so would require your physician or therapist to report your desires to law enforcement. The tragic Circle that will prevent treatment for such a condition from ever finding a cure.

But hold on let’s go back to the initial point at hand of this being against our fundamental rights as Citizens. No matter what your take on sex dolls or pedophila, we strongly urge all Americans to reconsider what this means for the rights of all citizens. For more in-depth look on the subject take a look at what Lionel nation has to say.

First Sex Doll Brothel in US!

That’s right a private company decided to try and open an official sex doll brothel in Houston Texas. The company’s plans were to sell sex dolls alongside the rental of sex dolls for use in in house private rooms. Apparently the city council acted quickly placing a band on such businesses.

The specific ban wasn’t on the sex dolls per say but on the lewd act of asexual nature being performed in a public space. They did not ban the store from selling dolls nor does it appear there is any ban on renting them.

If we were to introduce the new sex doll retail location in a city where no such store ever exist, this would be the perfect ploy to achieve that I distracting City Council with the distraction of a much more disruptive brothel. I’m not saying it was their goal to only have a sex doll store to begin with but if it was it would have been a rather ingenious plan.

In any event it’s nice to see any company making Headway in the sex doll industry with regards to the US. With all the attention surrounding this false prophet of sex robots, tighter restrictions are bound to follow.

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Interested in selling your products on Please consider the following before submitting your request. New feel only features original design makers. We do not promote design copies of any quality. If you are the designer or manufacturer and possess the sole rights to your designs you may continue to the checklist below.

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If you have all these things we will list your doll without purchasing option. Before we enable purchasing options you must send us material samples direct from your factory.

What’s Going On AliExpress?

If you haven’t noticed AliExpress has been on the fritz recently when looking for sex dolls. Well there’s a reason for that, and that reasons name is Apple! Yes, we’re talking about the big tech giant. The same one that makes one size fits all tech products with designer price tags–those guys. So what’s the deal? Well rumor has it AliExpress is trying to make it’s way in to Apple’s “Apple Store” and well apple does not like the fact that they openly allow adult products. It’s unclear what they are planing to achieve by massaging this relationship but one thing’s clear in this whole debacle, Apple is great at throwing their weight around.

What’s the big deal Amazon openly allows adult products? Actually on paper, they DON’T! If you take a look at Amazon’s terms of use, it requires all adult / sexually explicit products to be gated. What this means is that they put a big fence around it and close it off from their main search engine site wide. So they do allow you to list an item but good luck getting anyone to find it, LoL. One representative told us at New Feel that your listings are still crawled by search engines, so if some one searches for your product it can still show up there, hilarious right? In any event, don’t fret, we’ve spent many a day cataloging and posting sex doll detail directly to so that no one can impose a sex doll firewall between you and this beloved¬†adult market place–your welcome!

Daniel Johnson
New Feel Dolls

David Mills’ Sex Doll Interview

Our personal hero, David Mills, has finally given us a healthy perspective in to the life of a sex doll owner. It’s so very easy to judge the life style choice of someone who participates in the use of sex dolls and a great deal harder to exercise an open mind. In this video David talks about the main taboos we all feel regarding adult dolls and directly addresses some heavier culture related questions. Not only does he provide great counter points, but he also throws in some comedy show. Thanks for being so brave Mr. Mills!

To read the write up done by Vanity Fair article click the link below. Just bare in mind the writer is more than a bit sex-doll-aphobic…

Daniel Johnson
New Feel Dolls